Feeling stuck with your high cable bills? Don’t have anything to watch? We’ve got something for you…


Do You Want Access to Unlimited TV & Movies??

Canadians are spending way too much on their cable bill for shows they aren’t watching. Tack on sports, lifestyle, movie, and kids’ specialty channels and that bill can swing northward of $100-plus easily.

You would have expected that switching to options like Netflix, Disney, and Hulu would help ease the pain of high costs and limited programs on offer. But you’re here, still stuck with paying multiple bills. You see, paying for your Netflix subscription may come out as a deal, but you’d always get caught up with programs that hardly draw your interest. All your favorite programs are geographically locked and only available with additional charges. All these prices add up (Disney, Netflix, Hulu) and before you know it, you’re paying cable television prices.

Have you thought about an App solution that would offer you much more at a lower cost?

What if you could gain access to all your favorite shows from all platforms in an easy place?

What if you didn’t have to pay such a high monthly cost to access your favorite programming alongside the just-released blockbuster film? Yes, you heard me right. You can watch everything you want without subscribing to 5 different providers!


Do you want access to all your favorite programs at a reasonably low cost? If yes, then Android TV Service is all you need.

You see, using your Android Box will not only save you money but also give you access to all your favorite programs and films.

Choosing our services will enable the following for you:

  • The Android TV Services App will broadcast all Major US and Canadian Shows, Sports, Movies and PPV.
  • Quick and Easy Setup with step by step instructions
  • Shared drive access with a ton of other VOD Apps and more
  • Advise you on every hardware and software component of your Android TV technology.


We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront when it comes to your options

So we won't make money off of trying to sell you an Android TV and if you already have a Live TV setup we'll help port it over

We will provide 24-hour support.

What’s more? If your favorite app goes out of service (as they do in this business) we will be sure to provide its successor or update.

We give you as many working options as are available, ad-free with Real-Debrid Capability (that means no lag and no buffering)!

We offer free consultations for all products and services

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